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It is easy to deposit into your NordFx account locally. You can transfer AED to Fund Lab’s bank account, and we will transfer the money to your NordFx account with Google Rate. Withdrawal is also the same. There is a local withdrawal option.

It’s very simple: if you don’t know anything about Forex before, start learning it from our articles. All the things that a beginner needs to know are very well arranged, so everyone who goes to the order can understand them very well.

Why not? Forex is the world’s largest and only currency exchange market. This is where the banking companies, you, and all of us, do business. Just as you can earn money from stock transactions, you can earn even more from Forex.

Forex is 100% legit, the world’s only accepted largest forex market, and not a scam or pyramid scheme like people who know nothing about forex. As they say, this is a scam or a pyramid scheme, and the banking system is the first to do such a thing to us. So don’t be fooled by such silly rumors.

This is also a misconception spread by a certain group in society. Fundlab has been dealing directly with Nordfx for over 6 years now and has never had any issues with fraud. This opinion is mainly spread by people who went to do transactions using various prohibited transaction methods and got their accounts blocked. If you meet such a place or person, immediately ask him for the Nord account number. They never give it.

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